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Welcome to The Lark's Nest!


The Lark's Nest is the magical place where my inspiration for music and healing flourishes  ~~  it is the perfect setting for my life-work as a musician with a Music Studio,  Healing Arts Studio, and myriad of offerings.


Nestled in the trees adjacent to an enchanted forest in the quiet neighborhood of Leschi, this charming house takes advantage of its serene setting.  Yet, it is close to the city and many concert venues, located just ten minutes from downtown Seattle, close to city bus routes, and within walking distance of several schools.


Though many activities hosted at The Lark's Nest are social opportunities and free of charge, donations are gratefully accepted to help defray the costs of making programs available for all.  Details and rates for specific services, group opportunities, and music lessons are listed on the appropriate pages of this site.


Availability of rental space for small groups and retreats is also a possibility.  Spa services, massage table, double-headed shower and old-fashioned claw foot bathtub, kitchen and elegant dining area, multiple cozy conversational areas, and secluded garden with fire pit and grounds are accessible for your special event.


The Lark's Nest brings to fruition my dream of a safe haven filled with hope and beauty, light and laughter.  A dream that integrates my love of music, thirst for knowledge and adventure, and longing to make the world just a bit brighter for others.  As a life-long student and teacher, I am grateful to have found wonderful learning experiences from my students.  Inspiration has also surprised me along my journey from persons on walks of life quite different from my own.  The result?  An explosion of ideas and interests, the enthusiasm and energy to share with others, and deep gratitude for all opportunities.  


The Lark's Nest is the manifestation of all these inspirations, resources,

and creative gifts  ~~  this is a healing, harmonious haven.  Welcome!


                                                                 I hope you enjoy your visit  ~~  Carol

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. ~ Rumi

Music Instruction - Piano, Organ, and Voice

Piano Party/Camp/Group Classes


Coaching and Accompaniment

Concert Club & Cocktails and Keys 

Music For Meditation

Drumming Circle

Healing Touch Sessions

Pure Indulgence Spa Packages

Music for Healing and Enrichment 

New Moon Circles

Labyrinth Enthusiasts Club

Dance with Spirit!

Potluck Feasts and Galas


Offerings at The Lark's Nest










Check the Calendar for upcoming activities!















Join The Friends of The Lark's Nest and give generously to fund the Scholarship Program. 

Your donation makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of offerings at The Lark's Nest.  

For those eligible, scholarships are available on a case by case basis.  

Seniors are always offered a special rate on all offerings.

Please indicate your interest and inquiries on the Contact Form below.

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