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The Healing Arts

at The Lark's Nest



Many paths...


...can lead us to healing.  The first path begins with ourselves, along with our intent and desire.  More paths become evident when we open ourselves up to possibilities.


The Healing Arts at The Lark's Nest embrace the many paths that have led me to this particular moment in time.  I am honored to share my gifts of healing with visitors through music, touch, exploring empowerment and sustenance, and finding the sacred in everyday life.

Lil Miss Muffet chooses her favorite path ~ 


The touch of a hand, a tight embrace, a kindness, an attentive ear, a warm smile.  How are we truly touched in our lives?  What are our needs for touch in order to thrive in our daily lives?  Healing Touch Sessions reflect those modalities that have resonated deeply in my life.  I am a certified Reiki Master and have extensive training in massage, reflexology, shiatsu, hug therapy, breathwork, kundalini, tantra, music/movement, aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy.


Hugs are a major source of healing.  Scientists say a person needs eight hugs a day to truly thrive.  It is no wonder then that touch plays a vital role in people's mental and physical development as infants and in our happiness as adults.  As Healing Touch sessions are created at one's personal comfort level, one could opt for being held for the majority of the session.  A favorite among those who visit The Lark's Nest is a foot bath of unparalleled bliss.  I find this humble offering a beautiful way to welcome and honor you.  Thriving at its best!


Soup and Song for the Soul.

The Healing Arts Study Group meets on Tuesday evenings, often sharing sustenance for our bodies, as well as our mind and soul.  This gathering expands to a 6-week program "Soup and Song for the Soul" inviting all to bring a pot of soup to share, followed by exploring the healing power of music, especially as found in chant and other sung forms.  


The Lark's Nest often hosts Potluck Feasts where organic, whole foods are the focus and a variety of recipes explored, with thoughtfulness to paleo, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, etc. life-styles and with attention to those with specific food sensitivies and allergies.  It's a great way to learn how to eat healthier, support a greener earth, and enjoy delicious repast and lively conversations in the company of like-minded folk.  

Be sure to check the Calendar for upcoming events and RSVP to sign up to share your contributions.  


The Healing Arts address issues at the core of our being.  What keeps us from living vibrantly?  Rhythm exists at the core of our being, beginning when we first sense our mother's heartbeat in her womb. Drumming and dance help us become more aware of the rhythm of ourselves and the world around us.  Not only can they be energizing and help release tension, but also be restorative and quieting.  Many find deep healing in the resonance and rhythm linking their body and mind.


Drumming and dancing with others brings many benefits, attuning us to the invisible energy that exists between us, while uniting us in a common purpose.  Lifting the vibration of the body in these ways is an exciting and, possibly, new way for you to personally explore empowerment and awareness.   Come to a Drumming Circles or Dance with Spirit! session, hosted on a regular basis at The Lark's Nest or, weather permitting, in a nearby enchanted forest.

The sacred...

In these busy and often chaotic times where do we find the quiet, serene moments for rejuvenation and respite or hallowed ground?  So many have turned away from religion discouraged and seeking answers elsewhere, not realizing the gifts a profound faith and spirituality offer. Regardless of one's faith tradition or lack of one, embracing others with open-minds and nonjudgmental acceptance, finding the sacred in every day life, and expressing gratitude feed our spirit.  These aspirations are the focus of New Moon Circles and other activities at The Lark's Nest.


Visitors can find spiritual nourishment through prayer, meditation, affirmations, positive attitude, and reflective music at The Lark's Nest. The hand-made Labyrinth in the above picture is one such venture.  The Lark's Nest coordinates labryrinth crafting and tours in the local area for enthusiasts, walking meditations in a sacred forest, and monthly piano concerts - Music For Meditation - as opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual growth.  

Upcoming events will be posted on the Calendar.

The Healing Arts at The Lark's Nest:


Healing Touch Session

By appointment after a complimentary consultation.  $20 - 20 minutes , $40 - 40 minutes, and $60 - one hour.

$70 - one hour at your location with portable Reiki table and accompanying items for massage and reflexology.



Pure Indulgence Spa Package                          

By appointment.  $60/up to 2 hours per package.  



Music For Healing/Enrichment Therapy                                

By appointment after a complimentary consultation.  Rates vary.



Healing Arts Study Group

Tuesday evenings - sharing/practice on topics of interest - Reflexology, Reiki, Massage, etc.

New - Spring Program - Soup and Song for the Soul

A six-week invitation to share a soup feast and explore the healing power of music, especially as found in chant and other sung forms, RSVP.  Suggested $5 donation benefits The Scholarship Fund.       



New Moon Circle 

A new circle is forming for Spring.  A commitment of 3 gatherings is requested.  Space is limited to seven participants.

Register for this quarterly event,  $30



Dance with Spirit!

Check the calendar for scheduling for this music and dance for healing and transformation event, $10              



Labyrinth Enthusiasts Club

Monthly trips, RSVP online as location varies.  



The Lark's Nest presents         

Check the calendar for monthly benefit recitals at The Lark's Nest that support The Scholarship Fund.  Programming includes composer birthdays, fun family-friendly lunches, music and art extravaganzas, and outdoor evening events.



Drumming Circle

Monthly, RSVP as location varies.  Free, donations accepted.  Bring your own drum, though several extras will be available.


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