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   Seattle Music Groups




     Manuscript Paper


  • Blank Sheet Music

    Print out your own manuscript paper.  Design it for a solo melody, an exercise, an arrangement of your favorite song, or compose a symphony!



   Sheet Music






  • Piano World

    Everything you want to know about pianos!



   Local Music Stores


  • Capitol Music Center

    The place to go for music, accessories, and instrumental rentals. U district.


       All the sheet music you want.  Kent or online



   Music Games







  • A listening adventure produced by the Weill Institute for Carnegie Hall  "From The New World" by Dvorak








   Music Theory





   Piano Lessons Online




   Interesting Articles


  • What Happens To Your Brain Under The Influence of Music?  From the perspective of neuroscience, listening to music is one of the most complex things you can do. Many parts of your brain have to work together to comprehend even the simplest tune. So what is music really doing to our minds.


  • Music: It's in your head  "I think there's enough evidence to say that musical experience, musical exposure, musical training, all of those things change your brain," says Dr. Charles Limb, associate professor of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery at Johns Hopkins University. "It allows you to think in a way that you used to not think, and it also trains a lot of other cognitive facilities that have nothing to do with music."


  • Brain Scans of Jazz Musicians  Now, researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, have found that the brain interprets music and language in a similar way, by scanning the brains of improvising jazz musicians.





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