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Summer Music Fun!

for ALL ages and abilities
June 14-30, July 12-28, and August 9-25 
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

with Carol Banach, Musician and Music Educator
The Lark's Nest Music Studio patio in Ballard
The piano and organ at
Glendale Lutheran Church, Burien
A forest or backyard 
near you!


Have you dreamed of one day learning to play the piano?  

Are you wanting to refresh your piano skills?

Do you play piano and wonder what it would be like to play a real pipe organ?

This summer is the perfect time to get started on pursuing your interests. Think of it as a relaxing, stress-free opportunity to do something you'll really enjoy. Learn the music you love and explore these possibilities with an encouraging and enthusiastic teacher.


  • Virtual lessons are available on ZOOM on Tuesdays.

  • In-person lessons are available on a portable electric piano in the forest or at The Lark's Nest Music Studio patio on Tuesdays.

  • In-person lessons are available on a beautiful Yamaha grand piano or marvelous 3-manual Möller organ at Glendale Lutheran Church in Burien on Wednesdays.

Schedule one or several lessons this summer for 30, 45, or even 60 minutes.

See how far your interests take you!

Do you look for ways to share the joy of making music with your whole family?


Consider a Family Jam!

With up to 4 portable electric pianos and a shady spot in your backyard, you can learn how to play some of your favorite songs with your family this summer. I provide the equipment and resources with a mini-lesson for each family member before we all come back to play together. You provide the backyard!

Tweens and Teens

Jam with your friends in a Piano Band!

Want to learn how to play some of your favorite songs on the piano with your friends or family this summer?

I will provide the equipment (up to 4 portable electric pianos) and resources and coaching. You provide the band members and the backyard or we can meet at a local public park. 

Private piano or organ lessons. Theory too!

Or perhaps you would like to hone your piano skills in a private lesson on a concert grand piano (Wednesdays in  

Burien only) or in the forest or at The Lark's Nest Music Studio patio on a portable electric piano.  

Have you ever considered playing the pipe organ? Check out the organ in the image above for a peek at its exposed pipework in the balcony - it is truly an outstanding instrument to explore.

Schedule your private lesson (virtual or in-person) or jam session on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Jam sessions are limited to 4 participants, session times will vary depending on the # of campers  

Masks and headphones/earbuds required


if YOU are like many of my teen students and LOVE the music challenges and fun games from

Piano Camp, you are also welcome to participate virtually on Tuesdays or in-person on Thursdays in activities geared toward your age and abilities. Consider inviting a friend to join you!

NOTE: There is no access to a restroom at in-person Summer Piano Camp


Summer Piano Camp is back....both virtually and in-person!  

Virtual Piano Camp will meet on ZOOM on Tuesdays and can be scheduled as a private lesson (30 min.) or small group class (time will vary depending on the # of campers). 

For elementary campers age 6 and up only

Limited to 4 campers for online group camp sessions

In-person Piano Camp will take place outdoors at The Lark's Nest Music Studio Patio in Ballard on Thursdays. In-person Camp is subject to weather permitting at the teacher's discretion. Campers would meet on Zoom in those unpredictable instances.

For our youngest campers ages 4-5 with an accompanying adult 

1 camper - 30 minutes; 2 campers - 45 minutes

For elementary campers ages 6 and up - 1 camper - 45 minutes; 2 campers - 75 minutes

Limited to 2 campers for in-person camp sessions  

Masks and headphones/earbuds required

NOTE: There is no access to a restroom at in-person Summer Piano Camp

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