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Welcome To A New School Year

at The Lark’s Nest Music Studio!




Registration is Open Now

for the Academic Year 

September 15, 2020 - June 17, 2021


Live Virtual Instruction with Carol Banach, Musician and Music Educator 

with 35+ years of teaching experience. 

What's NEW This Year?

Enrolled students will be introduced to our Virtual Music Studio.  

In fact, there will be a separate Virtual Music Studio page created for each level!  

Students are encouraged to visit each day of the school week to build the habit of making music every day.


Even if it's just for 5-10 minutes, having daily incentives to TUNE IN with Teacher Carol 

will foster unprecedented growth in each student’s skill set and knowledge!






Here’s how:

New Music Monday - Students are greeted at the start of each week by their teacher playing new repertoire

for each level on the Virtual Music Studio TV Monitor.  Students can play along and also hear music from

other levels that may pique their interest.  The Music Library will be open and easily accessible, chock-full of supplemental repertoire and resources that students will love searching through, just like a real library!

TNT Tuesday - Tune in for weekly music fundamentals in technic n theory.  Designed to ignite a student's interest in building these superpowers.  Props may be needed, smiles and stamina too!

WOW Wednesday - The Mystery Box is baack with wild outstanding worksheets to grab students’ attention.  What will the Mystery Box have this week?  It might be composing a piece or learning how to improvise, a coloring note-reading sheet or even a listening escape game!

'We're In This Together' Thursday -  Building community and connection is more important now than ever.  Students are encouraged to sign up for Group Classes to laugh and learn together.  Group Classes also

include one-on-one time with each student, using the Break-Out Rooms via ZOOM.  This is easily achieved

by limiting class-size to no more than four students!  

This is one reason Carol is simply loving the opportunity that online group classes offer during these times of distance learning.  Many students thrive and are inspired by their peers in a group setting.  However, private lessons may be better suited for some students.  Each student's individual learning needs are important and they will be respected and supported to the best of our music family's abilities!

In order to promote our 'music family spirit', Group Classes are scheduled on all music studio teaching days. 

Preschoolers and K-1 on Thursdays; Grades 2-5 on Wednesdays; Tweens, Teens, and Adults on Tuesdays.






Fun Friday 

Students will collaborate in creating a Virtual Concert Hall, adding music recordings, art, compositions, etc. of their own, if they so choose.  They may even enjoy creating their own 'bitmoji'

to interact with others in the

Concert Hall.


Students and their families can

enjoy this virtual concert together during family-time over the weekend!

Here is an example of a

Concert Hall from Summer Piano Camp 2020, including a small

portion of the Concert Hall Gallery. 


Students emailed their video recordings to Carol, which were added either only 

in the Concert Hall Gallery or

also added to a YouTube playlist (unlisted and only available to students) for Music Studio families to enjoy over the weekend.

Pictures, artwork, compositions,

and completed worksheets filled

the Concert Hall Gallery frames.


Everyone loved participating in

this creative endeavor! 



Students may take advantage of this wealth of resources in the Virtual Music Studio at any time and as often as they would enjoy during the week.  Or not at all, as it is not a requirement.  However, making a discipline of playing the piano daily and tuning in for the daily activities ensures even greater success!  Plus the material will also be reinforced in the weekly lesson or class.

Ready to Enroll?

Registration Dates & Deadlines

  • September 1st - Open Enrollment for The Lark’s Nest Music Studio

  • September 11th - Deadline to Pay September Tuition

  • September 15th - Lessons/Classes begin!


New Students - The first step is to share a bit about yourself and express your interest in enrollment

via email to Carol at  After our initial correspondence, we will schedule a

Meet The Teacher Zoom visit and determine if The Lark's Nest Music Studio is a good fit for you!

If you have not received a reply in 24 hours, please check your spam folder or re-send your request.

All Students - Complete these 4 steps:  


1.    Music Studio Policies and Enrollment Agreement   

Read thoroughly as some policies have changed due to this completely virtual platform.  Continue scrolling to the 

bottom and be sure to sign your name!


2.  Registration - Preschooler   Youth   Adult


3.  Check the Studio Schedule for open classes or lesson times. 

The Studio Calendar can be found HERE for the most current updates.  As of 9/1/20, here are the open times:


11:00 AM   Rimsky-Korsakoffee Hour - Coffee-hour and group piano class for adults

3:30 PM     Private Lesson - 30 minutes

4:00 PM     Tween Group Class - 60 minutes

5:30 PM     Teen Group Class - 60 minutes


3:00 PM     Private Lesson - 30 minutes

3:30 PM     Private Lesson - 30 minutes

4:00 PM     2nd-5th grade Group Class - 60 minutes  1 opening

5:30 PM     Private Lesson - 30 minutes


11:00 AM     Piano Party! for Preschoolers and their accompanying adult - 45 minutes

3:00 PM       Private Lesson - 30 minutes

3:30 PM       Private Lesson - 30 minutes

4:00 PM       K-1 Group Class 1 (beginning) - 45 minutes  1 opening

5:30 PM       K-1 Group Class 2 (second year) - 45 minutes  1 opening

4.   Tuition    

Tuition is due in full upon enrollment and no later than 5 days prior to the first day of lessons/classes. 

$140 for the first month - September; or $700 1/2-Year payment; or $1400 for a Full-Year payment.  

Receipt of your payment completes your registration and reserves your placement at The Lark’s Nest Music Studio.

Do you ever wonder what your tuition payments cover?  Here is an interesting and detailed explanation!

Once these four steps for enrollment have been completed:

  • your lesson or class time will be added to the Studio Schedule

  • you will receive a Studio Calendar including holidays and all-studio special events

  • you will receive a list of how to prepare for your first lesson or class.



Thank you for joining The Lark's Nest Music Studio Family

and helping to keep the music arts alive! 

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