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Seeking Music Instruction at The Lark's Nest Music Studio?  
Join our Music Family!

The Lark's Nest Music Studio offers online private lessons and group classes in piano and organ studies for curious music-makers of all ages and abilities. 

We are passionate about keeping the music arts alive and helping others discover the JOY of making music.

  • Piano lessons are broadcast on ZOOM or pre-recorded from our home studio in Ballard taking advantage of a Baldwin spinet piano, two Yamaha Clavinovas, and two Roland keyboards.  Plus we have a historic Prescott Reed Organ that traveled to the Pacific Northwest on the Oregon Trail in the 1800s.  Additionally, a myriad of musical and percussive instruments creates a variety of opportunities to explore.

  • Organ lessons are offered to enrolled students of Holy Names Academy in Capitol Hill.  Organ students will have access to the Chapel organ on campus.

For students enrolling in piano or organ lessons, check out this video for what you will need using the piano as the example for an instrument to play.



Enrolled students will have access to their own Piano Page which uses this interactive virtual studio.  

They can join Teacher Carol in activities and musical discoveries at their lessons and

return during the week for their practice time.  


If you are interested in enrollment, consider one of these music groups.

What is your musical interest?


Piano Party! 

ages 4-5  Small-Group Class 

a unique introduction to playing the piano and making music for preschoolers with an accompanying adult


Young Piano Adventures - piano

Grades K-1  Small-Group Class 

WOW Wunderkeys - piano

Grades 2-5  Small-Group Class 

Piano Explorations - keys and more 

Tweens and Teens  Small-Group Class or Private Lessons


In The Organ Loft

ages 11 and up (subject to teacher approval)  Private Lessons

Access to an organ required

Adult Music Explorations  

ages 18 and up

Rimsky-KorsaKoffee and Keys Piano Class or Private Lessons

Ready to ENROLL?  Email Carol  -

A peek inside The Lark's Nest Music Studio...

I am amazed by these young musicians.  Their message is clear - "Music Matters!"

Never have we experienced learning and making music like we have this year.    

These students grew by leaps and bounds - how inspirational!

Back when 'things were normal'... Here are some students from the 2019 Spring Recital, entertaining us
so wonderfully with their piano playing and vocal singing! 

Why choose me for your teacher?

My goal is to provide a creative approach for the instruction and enjoyment of music, offering a balance of theory, sight-reading, ear training, and repertoire appropriate to the student's level of proficiency and interest.


I have:

a commitment to the success of each student

innovative lessons designed to meet specific needs

a positive and professional attitude

over 35 years of teaching experience

over 50 years of making music

Advantages of Music Study


  • Music Study enhances fine motor control, use of symbol systems, following directions, concentration, memory, perseverance, visual and aural discrimination, organizational skills, task completion, and goal setting.

  • Music Study encourages abstract thought and stimulates right-brain synthesis, creativity, intuition, and innovation.

  • Music Study develops attention span and concentration levels and builds self-esteem.


Music Study provides the solution to the following questions...


Adults... Have you always wanted to play the piano and thought it was too late to learn? 

Have you always figured music theory to be too far over your head to understand, much less find fascinating?

Do you play piano and wonder what it would be like to play a real pipe organ?


Parents... Are you looking for a fun way to introduce music into your child's life and reap the benefits science is promoting that music has on a child's development?


Teens... Have you just always wanted to play off of lead sheets and play all the popular songs everyone is singing?  Do you need coaching and/or accompaniment for a vocal or instrumental solo/ensemble competition?

Are you interested in advancing your technical skills and repertoire in order to participate in exams, competitions, or auditions for secondary music schools? 

Join me!  Let's explore your musical interests together.

Carol Banach, founder of The Lark's Nest Music Studio


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