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Discover the JOY of Music at The Lark's Nest Music Studio


The Lark's Nest Music Studio offers many opportunities for the enjoyment of music through instruction, exploration, and performance, led by founder, Carol Banach - Musician and Music Educator.



The Lark's Nest Music Studio

offers both private and small-group

virtual piano and organ lessons

for curious music-makers

all around the world.   


We offer Music Exploration for all


All ages, levels, and abilities.


Enrollment is ongoing.

Welcome back to a


A HUGE thanks to our music-family 

who made it through all the challenges that

the pandemic has been bringing us.  

  Bravo to Parents and Students - 

you are SuperHeroes!



Friends of The Music Studio enjoy virtual 'outings', like Concert Club (all ages), Cocktails and Keys (over 21 only), and other special events around the Puget Sound as a great way to make new friends, hear great music, and have fascinating conversations with other interested music-lovers.  We love to 'ZOOM' and keep our music-family connected!


Look and see What's Happening to learn about programs coordinated by your favorite friendly, fun-loving musicologist, Carol.


Student enrollment is not required.  Simply indicate your interest via email.  Though free programming is a priority, some events may require tickets or a nominal fee.

Join us in supporting the ARTS locally!



Seeking a pianist or organist for a special event? See Carol's Bio to learn more about her experience as a professional musician for over forty years.   Check here for Offerings.


Carol is available for performances, as well as accompaniment and coaching for auditions, recitals, and adjudications.  Additionally, she is honored to provide pre-recorded or live piano or organ music for your special event.   


Students of the Music Studio also have the opportunity to perform virtually or live in several all-Studio events and three recitals throughout the year.  Collaboration and community are key to fostering confidence and success.  Students not only find it fun to share their music, but they bring so many smiles to their listeners with their gift of music!

Introducing Songs of Comfort and Joy 365 days of sharing daily music in response to the start of the world-wide pandemic in March 2020

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