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Liz, Carol, and Jenny
Here we are on Christmas Eve following the service at
St. Paul's UCC in Ballard,
where my daughters and
Tim Devine (Minister) collaborated with me in playing a beautiful arrangement of Carol of The Bells
on vibes and piano.
"I Wonder As I Wander", one of my favorite carols, seems apropos for the dreamer-idealist in me, as this year has been full of change.
I turned 55 and life has seemed to turn upside-down.  Wanderings have led to a sad good-bye to The Lark's Nest and Music Studio in Leschi and transformed the family RV into a magical, music mobile to begin offering mobile music lessons throughout Seattle.  A lovely family offered me a safe, caring space in their home in Ballard, until the time comes to find my own new magical place.
I continue to wonder about
the reality of creating a nonprofit organization to benefit differently-abled and resourced individuals with the gift of music-making opportunities.
It has been my honor to continue with the music ministry at St. Paul's UCC in Ballard and also, more recently, at Temple Beth Am. 
Such wonderful faith-filled communities to serve!
I Wonder
As I
Lil Miss Muffet has
been my sweet, loving
companion for 9
years now.  Here we 
are dressed up as twins at a Pet Blessing service
this Fall.
My soul sister and forest frolicker, Erin, and I explore a new adventure!
How grateful I have been to be welcomed into her home.
What a surprise to have college roomie, Diane Meier, visit this summer since her son began working at Microsoft.
It was wonderful recalling the amazing music performances we participated in as the Symphonic Choir at Westminster Choir College in Princeton.  Singing with greats like Mehta, Shaw, Brubeck, and more!
Comfort and Joy
Joy came with the first ever performances of amazing young people, students of The Lark's Nest Music Studio, so eager to learn.
Joy came with the rising up of my beloved St. Paul's UCC from the ashes of their fire with an elegant renovated building....and, thank God, the organ survived!  Tim and I turn on the organ for the first time since the fire the week after Easter Sunday 2016, and we return to the sanctuary in January 2017.  And their small
choir continues to surprise me with their enthusiasm and musical gifts.
Joy came with reconnecting with the former Drew Harvey Theater in Yelm, now known as The Triad Theater and directing music for Young Frankenstein: The Musical with an AMAZING cast for SRO theater this Fall!
And my Dad's 80th birthday this year!
WOW!  Need I say more?!
If only I could have included a snippet and a picture of each of you reading this letter, for I realize my life is full of those who love, laugh with, and like me a whole lot.  I am grateful to all of you, in whatever way you have played a part in the communities that bring meaning to my life's journey.
Here's to an amazing New Year filled with
new adventures, learning, and love for us all.
And, since you are part of my village, if you happen to know of a special little place,
a charming little house, deep in the wood with a magic door that leads to a place 
I could call my own ~ please let me know!  The time has come.
Keep a Song in your Heart,
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