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Summer Safari Piano Camp takes us on the wild side this year!
Along with an array of musical activities,
  • Conducting with King Leonard (Bernstein) in the Lion's Den

  • Drumming at the Elephant's Watering Hole

  • Singing and Dancing at the Camp Tent

  • Tappin' Rhythm Cups with Zechariah Zebra

  • Monkeying around 'n Jammin' on the Keys

  • Reaching high for notes in the sky with Jenny Giraffe

And composing and repertoire challenges for all ages and levels,
Each class will include 
discovering the harmony between piano and science, technology, engineering, and math.
Summer Piano Safari offers classes for 7 weeks, July 2 through August 14, 
on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday evenings. 
Each week will have a new focus and lesson.  
Classes are open to:
  • Ages 3-5 accompanied by an adult for 75 minutes.  Class size is limited to 4 children.
  • Ages 6-10 and 11 and up.  Classes are limited to 8 young people.  A variety of time options - 2, 3, and 8 hours - are offered for this age group to accommodate a wider range of interests and abilities and family preferences.  Interested older students may assist as Junior Guides during overlapping schedules with the ages 3-5 classes.
  • High School Youth and Adults.  Schedule 30-minute private lessons throughout the 7-week summer camp, coordinating availability with the camp calendar.
Here is what a typical class schedule will look like led by Carol, your Safari Guide,
assisted by Junior Guides:
  • Group Gathering 
  • Musical S.T.E.M.
  • Watering Hole
  •  Piano Jungle
  • Explore hands-on activity centers
  • Head to the Safari for outdoor games
BEST OF ALL - No practice required! 
Students work hard to make practice time possible during the school year.  This is the summer and
The Lark's Nest Music Studio is going to do things differently.  Summer Piano Safari is all about offering a camp that includes playing the piano, making music, and interactive lessons where students learn about the interesting world that surrounds them, plus having fun with friends and meeting new people. 
So, no practice required.
This special event will conclude our summer adventures and will include a video capturing camp adventures and student accomplishments throughout the summer.  There will be a sign-up sheet to determine the number of families interested and available for a potluck, video showing, and visit to the Savannah at The Woodland Park Zoo!

Register for Summer Piano Safari HERE

Grab your binoculars




get ready for

a musical adventure!

Your Piano Safari Guide

Carol Banach has been a certificated music teacher for over 35 years in private and public settings in Maryland, Indiana, and Washington. 

Piano and organ are her main performance instruments, but she is proficient on a whole host of other instruments, as well as in composing and conducting.

Carol is dedicated to keeping the musical arts alive and thriving

for kids and the young-at-heart at The Lark's Nest Music Studio, which offers innovative and engaging piano, organ, and voice lessons to curious music-makers ages 3 and up.

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