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Welcome to The student's page

Music-making this year is going to be

just 'out of this world'


Let's Get Started





  • Instrument - plus a tuner for uke students, if one is not built into your instrument

  • Music Books

  • Pencil with a great eraser

  • A binder with pockets and assignment pages will be provided for you



  • Our Google Classroom - you will be emailed an invitation to join the classroom.  This is a handy resource designed to send out announcements, polls, etc. to all Music Studio students and families. 

  • Our YouTube Channel - Please subscribe for easy access

  • Our Facebook Page - Please 'like' our page and share with your friends, add your pictures or reviews here too!



  • Choose a weekly class/lesson day/time you feel confident will work with your schedule.

  • Choose a daily time to enjoy playing your instrument.  Making music a part of your daily activities will make progressing much easier!

  • If you are ever unsure if you have a lesson/class, just check the Studio Calendar - updated with holidays, absences, etc. 

Remember that only teacher absences will be rescheduled.



Important dates:



  • Halloween Program - a costumed celebration of music-making - a howlllling good time for all

Saturday, October 28 - Seattle - Merrill Gardens at First Hill - 4 pm


  • Holiday Program - a festive celebration of music on piano, organ, voice, and ukulele

Saturday, December 16 - Bellevue - Crossroads Mall - 2:30-3:30


  • Winter Music Olympics - music games for all levels - Everyone is a winner!

Saturday, February 17 - Ballard - The new Lark's Nest Music Studio - 2-3:30


  • Master Class - preparing for the year-end recital

Saturday, April 28 - Ballard - St. Paul's UCC - 2:00-3:30


  • Year-End Recital

Saturday, June 16 - Ballard - St. Paul's UCC -  2:00 pm


Holidays and Breaks

  • Halloween - October 31 - No Lessons

  • Thanksgiving - November 22, 23, 24 - No Lessons

  • Holiday Break - December 18 -  January 7 - No Lessons  

  • MLK - January 15 - No Lessons

  • Winter Break - February 19 - 23 - No Lessons

  • Spring Break - April 2 - 13 - No Lessons

  • Memorial Day Weekend - May 25 - 28 - No Lessons



  • Music Studio Calendar 2017-2018 

Green - lesson days  Red - no lesson days  Yellow - Music Studio events


  • Learn about and listen to famous COMPOSERS

  • Learn about and listen to STAR STUDENTS from The Lark's Nest Music Studio

  • Participate in Studio Challenges and Composition Projects 

FALL SESSION - September and October 

 Fall Session - Composer 

Gustav Holst - The Planets

We'll add more info as students learn about this amazing composer.

Click on the picture to hear the music.

 Fall - Music Studio Star 

Carol Banach
I've been playing the piano forever, it seems, but my first memory was my Dad teaching me when I was 3 years old.  I always wanted to be a music teacher so, now that I'm an adult, I actually get to do what I really love!
Click on the picture to hear me play a Mozart sonata.

 HOLIDAY SESSION - November and December 

Print out the holiday picture below and color the faces as you like, 

 for the artist purposefully left that up to the viewer! 




 Music Studio Stars 

Ludwig van Beethoven
born December 16, 1770
We've listened to his Moonlight Sonata and conducted his 5th Symphony,
so far.

We'll add more info as students learn about this amazing composer.  Click on the picture to hear the music.

Georgetta - born December  17, 2011
Quinn - born December  20, 2011
Here they are at their very first recital at Merrill Gardens for Halloween on Saturday,  October 28, 2017

 WINTER SESSION - January and February 



John Towner Williams
born February 8, 1932
If you've seen Stars Wars, ET,  Harry Potter or many other of his films, you'll know the marvel of
Williams' music!

We'll add more info as students learn about this amazing composer.  Click on the picture to hear his Olympic Fanfare and Theme for the Olympic Games in 1984.



 Music Studio Star 

born June 10, 2013

What's your favorite thing about playing the piano?

"The sound it makes."

What's your favorite song to play on the piano?

"Deck the Halls"

What song would you like to learn to play?

"Frère Jacques"

If you could learn to play any other instrument, what would it be? "The organ...*long pause*...and the TUBA!!!"


Kieran was the winner of the Holiday Performing Challenge, earning over 21 signatures!  Click on the picture to hear Kieran and his mom play the organ for the first time at the Holiday Program at the Mall!

 SPRING SESSION - March and April 



Johann Sebastian Bach
born March 21, 1685
Bach is considered to be one of the most influential composers of all time!  
As a child, Bach's father taught him to play violin and harpsichord. His uncles were all musicians, serving as church organists and court chamber musicians.  One of his uncles, Johann Christoph Bach, introduced him to the art of organ playing.

Some of Bach's most famous works include the Brandenburg Concertos, the Well-Tempered Clavier, and the celebrated organ work Toccata and Fugue in d minor.   


Click on the picture to hear this famous organ work!


 Music Studio Star 

born November 9, 2006

What's your favorite thing about playing the ukulele?

"I like the way it sounds."

What's your favorite song to play?

"Songs with the chord progression - C-G-am-F"

What song would you like to learn to play?

"Any song that has a ton of chords - yea!"

If you could learn to play any other instrument, what would it be? "The violin!"


Savannah seems to pick up any instrument and master it in no time at all.  She suggests to anyone interested in learning to play an instrument to "just keep playing cause then you'll get better!"


Here is Savannah at the Holiday Program in the Mall.  Click on the picture to hear her original words set to a familiar song - you'll definitely want to get some Girl Scout cookies!

 SPRING SESSION 2 - May and June 



Amy Beach
born September 5, 1867
Amy Beach was the first American woman to find success as a composer. She was born Amy Cheney in New Hampshire, and later moved to Boston, where she became well known as a pianist and composer.
Amy could play by ear any music she heard, and at the age of four, she composed her first piano pieces in her head. Her mother actually taught her to play the piano when she was six, and at seven she gave her first public performance. 

After her marriage to Dr. Henry Beach, she turned her focus to composing, and only gave recitals once a year. Beach was first known for her art songs, but then received national and international attention for her larger works, including a symphony, violin sonata and piano quintet. 
Click on her picture to hear the
Music Studio's favorite - "Fireflies."


 Music Studio Stars 

Avi and Maya
born July 7, 2009

What's your favorite thing about playing the piano?

Avi - "You can be creative and make any kind of music you want."

Maya - "Playing music makes me feel like I'm playing something that I can't even imagine!"


What's your favorite song to play?

Avi - "I've Got The Blues!"     Maya - "Ode to Joy"


What song would you like to learn to play?

Avi - "Despacito" by Bieber     Maya - "Party in USA"



If you could learn to play any other instrument, what would it be? 

Avi - Guitar  Maya - Flute



Any advice for beginning students?

Avi - "Playing is always easier when you're calm and prepared."

Maya - "Practice the easy stuff first, then slowly make it harder."


You'll want to click their pictures to hear them play the piano!

Did you notice their amazing bows for their appreciative audience?!

Want to contact me?  The best way is to text 206-552-0876.

Feel free to ask questions, make comments, and even

share your thoughts on how music lessons make you feel or how

making music has changed your life that can be added to our website.


Thank you for being a part of The Lark's Nest Music Studio family.

With gratitude, Carol

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